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Offering compassionate care through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond!


Doula Kori

Kori Duboff, Certified Full Spectrum Doula

I am a lifelong baby enthusiast and fan of moms with a deep-rooted passion for nurturing and nourishing. Let me be your village during life's reproductive transitions and beyond.

Through compassionate care, emotional and physical support, empowerment, my goal as your doula is to help you have a deeper understanding of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. All women deserve the utmost support along with the right to a non-judgemental setting regardless of what decisions they make.

Based in Queens, NY - I am honored to provide in-person support in the NY Metropolitan Area, nearby New Jersey & Connecticut - and virtual support anywhere!

Client Love


“Kori was an absolute dream to work with as a postpartum doula. I’ve told everyone I know who is having a baby that they need a doula like Kori to help out once the baby comes. She took care of my husband & I so we could take care of our daughter. She made delicious food for us, went grocery shopping, cleaned and helped us with the baby as well. She was a great support system practically and emotionally in those postpartum tough days. She also captured some very special moments on camera for us with our baby girl. I would highly recommend her to anyone. ”

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